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An endless view of what is beautiful!

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INFINITY acrylic panels are developed exclusively for applications in large aquariums, swimming pools and projects with bold and modern design.

A multitude of possibilities of dimensions and shapes provide, grandeur, excellent optical quality, luxury and design, along with the durability and strength of acrylic blocks, which ensure 30 years warranty even exposed to time.

Unique gluing technology 100% unapparent, enhancing the creativity of bold architectural forms with larger thicknesses.


Bold Infinity + Aquavision®

Exclusive partnership between Bold and TG | Technical Group, the leading reference in the national market for glass pool systems, combining Aquavision® with the INFINITY line, offering the best in professional acrylic pool and aquarium enclosures.

Aquavision® is much more than just a patented system of glass, acrylics, and designs for glass or acrylic pools. We are passionate about providing unforgettable moments and creating environments that enchant the senses. With a highly specialized team and over 28 years of experience, our history is marked by innovative projects and glass structural solutions that defy traditional standards.

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Discover our product lines:

Exclusive for aquariums and swimming pools


100% Brazilian Company

We have a modern manufacturing facility, with built area of more than 25,000 m², able to produce the most innovative projects and shapes; Engineering team composed of more than 30 application and installation engineers to ensure the integrality of the project. Installation team able to install throughout South America.

Pioneering and exclusivity in South America

An endless view of what is beautiful.

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